Analytics Service

Analytics Service

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Data Analytics

Data is omnipresent. A sheer quantity of data can deliver critical insights for your business, be it images, videos or text content. Data Analytics plays a key role in large industry verticals such as Healthcare, Gaming, Security Systems, Travel and Public sectors among others.

With a plethora of new information being uploaded & downloaded every millisecond, it takes more than big data or data sciences for businesses to handle a large amount of data. If you are ready for the next generation data analytics, then you’ve reached the right place.

  • GBIT Inc. offers 360-degree integrated data analytics to offer deeper insights into the customer journey, behavior, and experience across your brand assets.
  • With streamlined data analytics, we automate your end-to-end data processing to deliver powerful insights that lead to better decision-making toward strategic business moves.

Image Analytics

Over the decades, businesses spent millions of dollars to understand how their customers perceive their brand. Every year organizations are dealing with huge chunks of unorganized data sets that are too complicated to mine, analyze and structure by human interference alone.

  • GBIT Inc. offers AI-powered Image Analytics for accurate data mining and structuring of massive data extracted from visual content.
  • Image analytics help uncover insights that can be further utilized by businesses to improve B2C conversations.
  • Monitoring visual content such as images and other rich media content can help identify your brand perception, reach and engagement across multiple channels.
  • The outcome of Image Analytics finds its use across Marketing, Healthcare Image Processing and Facial Recognition in Surveillance Systems, among other data-driven solutions for enterprises.
igital Transformation Services

Video Analytics

The future of the world’s data is Video.

Global brands have already embraced the paradigm shift in the way we perceive video data, making it imperative for brands to compute, evaluate, process and extract critical information from the next big thing - Video content.

  • Video Analytics plays a key role in Traffic Reporting & Management, Surveillance, National Defence & Security Systems among others.
  • GBIT Inc. has been working with enterprises dealing with video content to extract critical data from massive data sets.
  • AI-driven Video Analytics solutions perform accurate and high-end data mining operations such as object detection, recognition, classification and reporting by well-trained deep neural networks.

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