Video Analytics

Video Analytics

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Video Analytics

The future of the world’s data is Video. A majority of companies have already embraced the paradigm shift in the way we perceive video data, making it imperative for brands to compute, evaluate, process and extract critical information from the next big thing - Video content.

Video Analytics plays a key role in Traffic Reporting & Management, Surveillance, National Defence & Security Systems among others.

GBIT Inc. has been working with enterprises dealing with video content to extract critical data from massive data sets. AI-driven Video Analytics solutions perform accurate and high-end data mining operations such as object detection, recognition, classification and reporting by well-trained deep neural networks.

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Our client is one of the largest mutual life insurance companies in the United States that has never outsourced in their 150+ year history. They employ approximately 8,000 personnel in the United States and support a network of over 3,000 financial agents in more than 70 offices nationwide.